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The mission of our Alumni Chapter is to provide a forum for Aggies to fellowship, to contribute funds for university growth and development, to promote the University through community activities and to recruit future students for A&T.

We are located in Raleigh, a beautiful area in the heart of NC and we really do appreciate hearing from you!

Chapter Motto

"Expect to Succeed"

The Alma Mata

Dear A & T, Dear A & T
A monument indeed!
Around thy base with grateful hearts
Behold thy students kneel.
We bless the power that gave thee birth
To help us in our need
We'll ever strive while here on earth
All loyalty to yield.


With joy, with joy, dear A & T,
Thy students turn from thee
To spread their trophies year by year
From Dare to Cherokee.

Mailing Address

NC A&T SU Raleigh/Wake Alumni Chapter
P. O. Box 28867
Raleigh, NC 27611-8867