Paving the Path to Success


The Paving the Path to Success webpage is designed to honor and salute local NC A&T State University Alumni who have paved the way for many. Through their achievements, wisdom, and courage, abundant opportunities have surfaced which may have otherwise lain dormant.

Each month our website will feature a different local A&T State University Alum. The categories will be as follows: (1) Aggies on the Move, which includes any Aggie in the Raleigh/Wake Alumni Chapter area who has made advances in their area of expertise. (2) Aggie Hall of Fame, which includes any Aggie who has paved the way in their area of expertise, usually the first black to have done so. (3) Aggie Tribute, which includes any Aggie who has passed away leaving a lasting mark on our history. Aggie Tribute is also inclusive of any Aggie who was a pioneer and the first to accomplish goals in their area of expertise.

We would like to solicit input from the Raleigh/Wake Alumni Chapter members to assist us in choosing our "Featured Aggie of the Month." Please download the form entitled "Local Aggie Biographical Template" (Click To Download...). Complete the form and submit via post or e-mail.

Thank you for supporting this endeavor.


  • January 2008 - Ernestine Durham - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • December 2007 - Jackie R. Sheppard - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • November 2007 - Larry D. Keith - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • October 2007 - Ronald G. Penny - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • September 2007 - Douglas M. Boyd - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • August 2007 - Hilda Pinnix-Ragland - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • July 2007 - Linda D. Coleman - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • June 2007 - Fred A. Davis - Aggie Tribute
  • May 2007 - Harold H. Webb - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • April 2007 - William A. Dudley - Aggie Hall of Fame
  • March 2007 - Richard W. Holden Sr. - Aggie Hall of Fame